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Hillndale Volunteer Fire Department
Serving Steubenville and Cross Creek Townships since 1948

Most chemical accidents happen in the home.

Chemical Safety Page
This information is provided as a general reference.
Unfortunately, no set of actions can eliminate the chance of fire, injury, or death.
Hillndale VFD is not responsible for any misinterpretation or misuse of this information.

Chemical Facts:

Household chemical safety:

Symptoms of chemical poisoning:
Call your local poison control center immediately if you suspect someone has been exposed to a poisonous substance.

Major Chemical Emergencies:
    In the event of a major hazardous materials release in your area, listen to the radio or television for instructions.  There are several possible actions that you may be requested to take.  These include evacuation and sheltering in place.  Sheltering in place is a precaution to limit your exposure to chemicals by remaining in doors.  The following steps must be taken when sheltering in place.

  1. Get inside of a car or go inside a building.
  2. Close all doors and windows.
  3. Turn off air conditioning, heating, and exhaust units that draw air from outside.  Close the damper on a fireplace.
  4. Gather important items that you will need if an evacuation is ordered, such as medicine, baby items, money and identification.
  5. Wet some towels and jam under doors.  Tape around doors, windows and other openings to the outside.
  6. If there is a danger of explosion, close the window shades, blinds, or curtains and stay away from them.
  7. Stay indoors and listen to the radio until you are told to discontinue sheltering in place.

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 Household chemicals can be deadly if used carelessly.