Hillndale Volunteer Fire Department
Serving Steubenville and Cross Creek Townships since 1948

If trapped by fire, don't open a door with a hot doorknob.
Activities Page

Annual Activities:

GKL Canoe Race:  In the spring of each year, we provide rescue and EMS standby at the GKL wildlife association's annual canoe race.  Though this event has the potential to be dangerous, all participants focus on safety, and no major injuries have been encountered over the years. Click to see Pictures of the event.

Fundraising Roadblock:  The weekend after Thanksgiving you can count on two things, crowded stores and the HVFD fund drive.  We would like to thank all those that have stopped and made a donation and especially those residents that mail their generous contribution.  Click to see Pictures of our members in action.

Christmas Parades:  Each holiday season, engine 4413 makes an appearance at a few area Christmas parades. Click to see Pictures of our truck and members before the start of the Steubenville parade in years past.

Activities by Year:

     In addition to our annual activities we held some RIT training this year.  Pictures and an drill sheet are availible here.


Major Training: One goal of our department is to constantly try to improve our skills and increase our knowledge such that we may become better emergency responders.  Though we have training on a regular basis, several major training sessions this summer afforded the opportunity for picture-taking.  Click on the title to see pictures.

Chicken Roast:  In November, we held one of our famous chicken roasts.  Besides getting to savor some of the best tasting, slow-roasted chicken around, this community event helped raise money for the department.  Our thanks goes to the folks who joined us for lunch or dinner.  Click to see Pictures of this event.


Independence Day Ceremonies: This fourth of July, our department was invited to participate in a ceremony honoring local emergency responders at the Jefferson County Airpark.

Hazardous Materials Training: One of the many types of incidents that fire departments are called upon to respond to is hazardous materials release.  This summer our department had 13 members complete the Operations Level training at our department.  This training allows us to better handle HazMat emergencies.


Award Presentation:  In the early morning hours of April 16, fire started in the kitchen trash container of a home in our community.  Fortunately we were able to arrive with a fully staffed engine in only 7 minutes and the first-in crew was able to contain the fire to the room of origin.  An open house and ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the home this June to welcome the family back into their home.  Our department was presented with a certificate of appreciation for our quick response time and effective efforts.  Click to see Pictures of the event, fire damage to the home, and the award presentation.

Fire School:  In the summer our department hosted a basic 36 hr. volunteer firefighting class at our station.  This course covers all the essential elements of firefighting and is required training to function as a volunteer firefighter in the state of Ohio.  Click to see Pictures of one of the class sessions.

Spaghetti Dinner:  One Sunday this March we held a fundraising spaghetti dinner.  The dinner was a success and all proceeds will be put towards our general operating and roof repair funds.  Thanks to all those who stopped by and showed their support.  Click to see Pictures of the dinner.

SCBA Training:  Some of our newer members got a chance to train with self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).  This equipment is vital to modern firefighting and all prospective firefighters should be proficient in its use.  Click to see Pictures of our training session.

Other Activities:

Community Awareness: Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we try to get out in the community and educate the public about fire safety, injury prevention, and other issues.  It is our hope that through such events, we can build a better public image and help to fulfill our mission.  Click to see Pictures of some of these events.

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